DSEV Music (dark side entertainment ventures)founded in 2004, is a boutique house music label and the brainchild of DJ/Producer Kingsley Flowz. At the heart of DSEV Music sound is the fusion of deep house and west coast house. From the beginning, the goal was to explore new and unique realms of house music that spoke to both their passions and influences. This journey began many years earlier when Kingsley grew restless with the inability to find the sound that clearly spoke to him and his varied tastes. He started by remixing singles with the elements he liked and playing them in his sets. Constant inquires by fellow DJ's and the audience about those tracks led to the first notions of creating a label. In 2002 Kingsley moved to New York and shortly thereafter the label took root. The label started releasing singles digitally and via vinyl and continued at a good pace until late 2005 when he decided to go all digital.

In 2006 the label got back into the swing of things and released 4 EP's that were well received. In 2007 the Feel Better EP and Soul Brother EP heralded in a new fervor with the label. It is also at this time that the label moved from New York City to Washington D.C. The release of the Girl from Brazil EP was Kingsley Flowz largest release at that time and the track received rave reviews worldwide. In 2009 Kingsley Flowz established his commitment to an underground house sound with Fresh and Funky EP, which quickly eclipsed The Girl from Brazil in sales. House Grooves EP once released outsold the other releases which confirmed that his and the label's reputation were growing. Over the next few years, more releases followed and in November of 2012 his full length album and 25th release "Way Back Tomorrow" marked another milestone for both he and the label.

The label is now ready to take the label to the next level. With the newly minted distribution deal DSEV Music is now in a solid position to sign artists and have tracks delivered to pretty much every house music digital store of consequence in the entire world. Beatport, Stompy, JunoDownload, Satellite Records, Traxsource, trackitdown, just to name a few. This also includes distribution to iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Google Play, Rdio and many others.

In 2013 DSEV Music is bigger and better than ever with 3 more quality releases out, well established producers now delivering tracks, a brand new website, increased presence form Youtube, to Shazam, and as ever, doing that funky, deep, jackin, disco, soulful, deep, smoothed-out, groove –filled House Music!