Way Back Tomorrow
Kingsley Flowz
  1. 1961 Kingsley Flowz 3:09
  2. Praise Kingsley Flowz 2:50
  3. Moments Kingsley Flowz 3:00
  4. Traffic Kingsley Flowz 2:52
  5. Groovin Kingsley Flowz 2:46
  6. Nevermore Kingsley Flowz 2:17
  7. Come To Me Kingsley Flowz 2:50
  8. Saying Goodnight Kingsley Flowz 3:18


Release Date: December 06, 2012
Catalog: dsev025

This is DSEV Music’s 25th release and it’s kinda special. As the name of the EP says, this is a return to the simple, but elegant pulsating beats and sounds of time when underground house and funky rhythms ruled the dance floor, but also incorporate all the freshness of today’s beats. Laced with blues, funk, R&B and house elements these tracks are built for dancing, and most definitely to be played loud.

Way Back Tomorrow – dsev025

Release Date : May 12, 2017
Artist : Kingsley Flowz
Label : dsev music
Genre : Jackin House
Catalog ref. : 4654654
Format : Vinyl